Everyone wants to have the best lawn on the block, but achieving that dream can be tough. If you’re feeling the frustration of caring for your lawn, follow these tips to get your lawn in top shape this season.


1 – Prevent weeds before they grow

  • Treat your lawn in the early spring with an organic pre-emergent.

2 – Eliminate existing weeds organically

  • A healthy lawn will help to choke out the weeds
  • Remove weeds by hand or dig out, and be sure to remove roots
  • Treat with natural herbicides like corn gluten, salts from fatty acids and other non-chemical sources
  • Mowing regularly also helps to eliminate weeds by removing the tops before they can spread their seeds

3 – Mowing

  • Keep your grass tall
    • Only remove 1/3 of the blade
    • Mowing too short will damage your grass and allow weeds to set root
    • Shade created by taller grass allows the ground to hold moisture longer
  • Keep your mower blade sharp
    • Raise your mower to the highest setting
    • Sharpen or replace blade once it shows signs of tear
    • A dull blade will tear your grass with a jagged edge that not only create a grayish brown color is your lawn but also make it more susceptible to pests.
  • Let your clippings lie, they will break down and help feed your lawn
  • Mowing when it is shady outside can also help reduce stress on grass
  • Avoid mowing during drought or dry periods to reduce stress on the grass
  • When mowing a slope always now across, NOT UP AND DOWN, to lower risk of injury
  • Don’t mow when it’s wet because grass will clump together and create an uneven edge

4 – Watering

  • Only water when it’s absolutely necessary
  • Water in the mornings to allow the grass time to soak in and sunlight to dry up any excess moisture

5 – Feeding your lawn

  • Nitrogen is the most important nutrient you can add to your soil
  • Don’t fertilize your grass during a drought
  • Fertilizing twice a year, in the spring and fall, is suggested

6 – Aerating your lawn

  • Aeration is creating holes in your lawn in order to help improve circulation to the root
  • When grass and soil become too compacted it is not able to get the nutrients it needs
  • You can aerate with a pitchfork for mechanical aerator, or you can walk around in spiked shoes

7 – Leaf Removal

  • Rake leaves and collect them to shred for compost

Everyone wants a lush lawn outside of their home, and these easy-to-follow lawn care tips can help you achieve that goal.

If lawn care is not your thing, or you just need some additional help call White Grove Gardens today.

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